• IX. Resurrection Pt. 2


    Part 2
    February 2006 - June 2006

    With the OSC being disbanded, [cKs] had to reconfigure itself back to its pre-OSC form. Many members wanted that [cKs] back, and were sick of what the OSC did to the clan.

    With the fall of the OSC, came the fall of [187]. Many were allowed to join [cKs], such as Lois G who was a [cKs] member back in the early SOCOM II days and SasH, who had left [JTF2]. After [187] dissolved itself the 2 remaining OSC survivors were [cKs] and [JTF-2]. [cKs] knew that it was going to have to fly solo in order to find where we it was before the OSC. [JTF-2] also continued on with a very small faction of die hards still gracing the SOCOM battlefields with their presence to this very day, but not at the strength they once were within the OSC. Even though [cKs] attained a few new members the core still existed and was determined to look forward and not back.

    As you can imagine a young man going through post secondary education and leading a successful SOCOM clan can be hard on ones stress level. Just when things were headed in the right direction a small group of lower ranked members started to fuss about nothing at all and were causing problems to entertain themselves. With these series of events beginning to unfold BigPatt stepped down as leader to focus on his post secondary studies and work commitments through the summer; he still remained a memeber of the clan. With BigPatt stepping down it left [cKs] under the leadership of SlitherX, Easy_cp., and Dark_Maven.

    As the quarrels and immaturity levels started to rise in a small rebellious group of privates, our then acting leader SlitherX was having a hard time associating his name to these fools. The level of abuse got so bad that Slither asked to take a temporary leave so that he could test the waters in our brother clan, [JTF-2]. In one month [cKs] had seen leadership change 3 times. Easy_cp. was now the new General and was assisted by Lieutenant General Dark_Maven. For the next month or so Easy_cp. and Dark_Maven did the best they could to keep this clan together with what looked to be a total [cKs] collapse. The afore mentioned misfit group had smelled a sign of weakness in the leadership ranks of [cKs] due to the constant change. This in-turn provoked the threat of anarchy and that this small group would start their own new "[cKs]". Some of the clans most loyal members were acting as moles for our new struggling officer core. They would bring info to Easy_cp. on who was slandering the clan and who was leading the movement for anarchy. Some of the rogue members were polling other loyal members on whether or not they would follow to the new clan.

    Things really started to heat up and the two newest leaders of [cKs] weren't sure how to quell the uprising. Until one day Easy_cp. was able to get [cKs]'s ex-General into a meeting room on msn. Along with Easy_cp. and BigPatt was Cdn.Eskimo, who was returning to [cKs] for his second time. In this meeting was the birth of the new Executive Council and an all new [cKs]. These 3 members talked about every aspect of running this clan and bringing it back to its feet. They changed the rank structure, they gave even leading powers to all 4 executive positions so rather then have just one head honcho their were 4 that could . A forum was created where all decisions would be discussed and decided upon after much deliberation on the subjects at hand. Basically the new Executive Council was bringing a form of democracy back to [cKs] that was a dictatorship for so long. They were able to reach SlitherX, who was with [JTF-2] and obviously missing his brothers in [cKs]. After a long meeting with SlitherX he decided to return home where he always belonged. But all in all the single most important decision the Council made was to re-instate BigPatt as the leader of the new Canadian Killing Squad! So now with an all-star Council consisting of the new ADMIRAL BigPatt, Vice Admiral Easy_cp., Rear Admiral Dark_Maven, and Colonel SlitherX [cKs] was back on track. Within weeks the members that were known to have been involved with the uprisings and inner-clan quarrels were quickly and severely dealt with. Now that the Council was voting on everything the clan did and using 5th in command Buddy_DarDar as the deciding vote, [cKs] had once again transformed into a steam train running at full speed. You could almost see [cKs] picking it's battered self off the ground.