• TRANSCRIPT -- CB Thursday, December 27 2012



      I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and time spent with family.

      Wonderful attendance for the first ever CB on Black Ops. Listed below is what the General discussed at the Clan Briefing.

      10 Years in the making..

      Astonishing. An amazing feat for a gaming clan and even though I haven't been here from the start its still something I take alot of pride in. We should all be thankful to be in a clan this historic!

      Pride of being a [cKs] member / Playing for the tags..

      EVERYONE in [cKs] should be proud to wear those tags. Everyone. Our clan has such a rich history that half of you dont even understand. We have been through so much, and even though it was all done on a different franchise/game we should always be proud to be cKs and that will be drilled into everyones minds and every new member throughout 2013 and beyond. The clan was built on the foundation of playing for the [cKs] tags, and that is what will always be expected.

      Wanting to be here..

      Its simple really. If you dont take pride in being a [cKs] member, then don't let the door hit you on the way out! We're now involved in a game where at any given time there are half a million players online. If you dont want to be here, there is someone else out there who will replace you.

      Black Ops II / Tournaments..

      Black Ops II is our game and there will be no other for cKs throughout 2013. We had a rough month in UF but it was to be expected. We showed in the last battle before the holiday break that if we get on early and run through the maps before hand, we perform much better.

      Getting on earlier..

      For every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY when we have an Urgent Fury battle (9:00 CST) members will be required to get online EARLY (7:00 CST) and at the very latest (7:30 CST). If a good portion of cKs can get on at 7:00 CST, it will give us enough time to run through the maps/scenarios and properly prepare ourselves, opposed to just going in blind. This is how we are going to improve. Will it mean automatic wins if everyone gets on early? No. But we will be much more organized, and the more we get on early and keep doing the pre-war walkthroughs, the better we will become. Guaranteed.

      League Play..

      Ontop of Pre-war/UF every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY we are also going to start doing League play in January. League Play will happen directly AFTER the UF battles. Likely around 10 CST.

      League Play Teams..

      Within the next couple of days we'll start to get teams organized on the forums and we'll go from there. The plan is 2 teams of 4 members, and we will see how that goes.

      War Games III In-clan Tournament..

      We're going to push it back to February, just so we can use January to focus on UF/League play. Theres alot planned for WG3, its not going to be a failed Tournament attempt like we had towards the end of Confrontation. It will be different, fun and competitive.

      Recruitment / [cTs]..

      Not yet, but in the near future. We will bring back the [cTs] system and make Recruitment [more] challenging. The timing of that will depend on how satisfied the CO's are with the squad and our progress. Historically it has always been a long road to join [cKs] and once we are more comfortable with our play in Black Ops II, it will go back to the old ways. [Recruitment-wise]

      Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

      The Purpose of a CB (Clan Briefing) is to keep members up to date with clan events, and to converse about things within the clan. Members are subject to bring forth ideas, as well as voice anything of concern during the open floor, at the end of a CB.

      Occasionally there will be a field-portion of CB. Details on this, are to be addressed at the beginning of each CB, by the highest ranking member.

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