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Log Book entry........Aug 27

I sit here under cover of a large fern bush in a pool of my own sweat,blood dripping from my flesh wounds my eyes are fixed on what seems like a blank page trying to understand the last few weeks maybe im shell shocked or its the heat of this jungle, i dont know but i do know that im in hell and there is only one way out.

We had move our base camp up into the city to establish our forward comand post however when i got there to reinforce the battalion the war over the city had esculated to a full on assult four days and five nights all out attacks came hard and fast as small rebel groups tried to break down our defesive hold on July 25 we saw the end of the group called Night Stalkers as our General SlitherX (7-2) & and that time Master Corp.DeathAwaits- (6-3) led our troops to Victory earning MVP honours. shortly after DeathAwaits- was promoted to the rank of Sargent for his hard work both on the field and with Central Command.

Finally there was some down time in this war we could have a cold one and stand down from our aggresive stance set up a perimater resuply our ammunition and food rations. That lasted all of 48 hours we woke early on July 27 to an all out attack from [$k$] and [101] they got us with or guns down they massed an attack right at our Command post we would fight these guys for a week staright there attacks were relentless the rebel group [$k$] had mange to not only destroy our camp but broke what seem to be the will of cKs....

But what our enemy doesnt realize is that a cKs solider cant be broken we fall down from time to time (we are only human) but what make us different, better than the rest is our character and committment to each other the clan the leadership and the vision of cKs. We lost controll of the city an were forced into the jungle to reposition and collect our selves. I coudnt belive what would happen next over few weeks, keeping our eye on the prize we continued to fight and fight and when we didint want to fight any more we did just that fight.

Every member took on the challage to meet the orders give by the General and we found us winning the small battels not only with the war it self but the battels within us we had some soliders rise up to the challange and some went above the call of duty, and we now find ourselvs in the perfect position to strike the heart of the enemy and watch them run in defeat and we will send out a message that cKs is back and looking to squeeze every last breath out of the enemy.

cKs for life
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  1. darth_cedaus's Avatar
    Another good one Spike. I think you should join the news team.:P
  2. darth_cedaus's Avatar
    Another good one Spike. I think you should join the news team.:P
  3. bloodbath09's Avatar
    nice blog spike!
  4. spikeknott's Avatar
    Thanks guys