Slither X

  1. One Last Hurrah

    Its weird.

    You read articles, or watch interviews of your favorite sports players who are about to retire, then suddenly their team performs well, and that player has a final shot at a championship before he retires.

    Not at all saying this is the case here. I mean, lets face it.. If you want to consider cKs a 'sports team', then we currently occupy 33% of the league we're playing in.

    However, one of the things I was always taught throughout my early ...
  2. An Amalgamation Of Thoughts

    Day 2 of being laid off, and the weather is shitty. #fuckmylife

    Today, I went to Future Shop to buy a new TV to add to my 'setup', in which I play SOCOM/Manage cKs from. I waited there for a good 30 minutes before an associate came to help me. I told him I'd buy the TV, then as he went to get it ready, I left.

    Why are people assholes? because they choose to be.

    Why is it, that even though I have all the time in the world now. It is still a struggle to ...