• Code of Conduct


    It is imperative that all cKs Members and Recruits treat each other with respect, as well as those outside of cKs.

    A.) Trash Talking: Never talk out of line. Don't trash talk or talk in a degrading way to a fellow gunner. There are times to defend the clan and our comrades, but do so in a mature manner.

    B.) Insubordination: Those with higher rank and authority than yourself should always be respected and obeyed with the utmost care. Never talk back to an Officer with higher rank or disobey a direct order on or off the field. A CO can determine insubordination and punish as necessary.

    C.) Sportsmanship: Carry yourself in a professional manner. Always take responsibility for your actions whether good or bad. Do not blame dying on someone or something else, you are responsible for your actions and your abilities.


    Each member of the clan represents cKs and shall uphold the clans image. At no point should a member's actions be detrimental to the clan.

    A.) Team Killing: Never kill a member of your own team, unless out of self-defence or by order of the highest ranking cKs member present.

    B.) Cheating: Cheating is not tolerated in cKs and is punishable by immediate discharge from the clan.

    C.) Talking: Mic's may be used freely, but Excessive or irrelevant Mic use is prohibited.


    Tournaments are the driving force behind cKs, it is what a cKs member thrives off of the most. Aside from following the directions of a CO, it is imperative that members are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are being a contributing factor on the battlefield.

    A.) Pre-Match: When in a Tournament, the time before the match is for the Commanding Officer (CO) to issue orders and specifics for the upcoming battle. Unless told otherwise, all useless chatter must be cut.

    B.) Mic Usage: Excessive or irrelevant Mic use is prohibited. Mics should be kept open for tactical communication and relevant. When dead, Mic use should be limited for the CO to issue orders for coming rounds.

    C.) Listening: All orders and directions from Commanders and/or Officers must be followed without question, and executed to the best of the players abilities.


    cKs is designed to bring the most out of the game and to add to all our members enjoyment. The Commanders and Officers work hard to bring their members the best. Disappearing without notice is disrespectful and will not be tolerated.

    A.) Be Active Together: Be active and always do your best to join the same server as a fellow clan mate. For inactivity, make sure that an MIA Form is filled before you leave.

    B.) Multiple Clans: A member is never allowed to be apart of another clan while they are in cKs.

    C.) Foreign Representation: Permission from a Commander or Officer must be granted before using the cKs tag or Canadian Killing Squad name on another online game or competitive league/tournament.


    If a member breaches the Code of Conduct they will first be warned. Further breaching of the rules will result in punishment at the discretion of an Officer or Commander. Every breach situation is different and punishment can vary from an apology, to loss of rank or release from the clan.

    Recruits will automatically be released upon breach of the Code of Conduct.