• 2002 - Prelude / The Beginning

    Winter 2002

    If SOCOM US Navy SEALs is the game; then the Canadian Killing Squad is the name. Since SOCOM I, cKs has battled in the elite online ranks of Canada West. In operation since 2002, [cKs] has seen it all.

    The Canadian Killing Squad has gone through some rough times over its stay in SOCOM, but also seen more than its share of glory. cKs time-line is best broken up into sagas or eras. There are too many now to recall, but they all start at the beginning, in the first saga.

    Boss: the name synonymous with the Canadian Killing Squad. Originally under the name Solja B, Brent created the clan in which we stand today. Along side Boss stood COP KILLER C, Mikey, and others. None of which are active today for their own individual reasons. Boss, which is a story all to him officially retired from SOCOM after being ousted from the clan. COP KILLER C left the clan and the game in SOCOM II when he was arrested and convicted of Grand Arson, yet another story all to its own. Mikey or otherwise known as Junior had various on and off patches with SOCOM due to relocating until finally he packed it in. Today there are no original members of [cKs] left. The clans creator and comrades all disappeared; Missing In Action or retired. Not a common occurrence for clans in SOCOM but for [cKs] we are more than a clan; we are a family.

    Through SOCOM I Boss led a small competitive all Canadian Clan. Some of SOCOMs most infamous players were once soldiers in [cKs]. The clan went through various players and reached as many as five rosters at one point. The clan was nearly obliterated leaving only a few members remaining on several occasions. Time and time again [cKs] came back and grew stronger than before.

    [cKs] has had many facelifts. Originally the clans name was the Canadian. Special Tactics Squad, but was soon changed to what it is today. We start the history of [cKs] at the dawn of SOCOM II.