• 2003/2004 - Over The Horizon

    December 2003 - March 2004

    It was only a few months into SOCOM 2 before Boss disappeared from SOCOM and disbanded the clan.

    Prior to that the clan had been together since the Winter of 2002, run casualty by Boss.

    After being disbanded, There was a small core of loyal [cKs] members that didn't want to be separated and see their clan fade away. Subsequently, they formed another clan; [WBC] We Be Canadian. Consisting of the remaining [cKs] members:

    Fah Caugh

    There was no leader, it was formed for the purpose to just stay together.

    Boss was gone, disappeared from SOCOM along with his right hand man COP KILLER C. [cKs] had disappeared with him, but the [WBC] didn't want to let it vanish and be forgotten.

    It wasn't until months after the [WBC]'s formation that Boss made a return and wanted to form [cKs] again. He was grateful to see his loyal soldiers were still together and still had dreams of seeing a glorious [cKs] rise once again. This was the beginning of [cKs]' 3rd saga; one that would last for two years and set the limits for what [cKs] could accomplish. These were The Glory Days.