• 2004/2005 - The Glory Days

    May 2004 - June 2005

    During mid spring of 04' cKs had formed into [cK]. This was a change from the classic "Canadian Killing Squad" name to "Canadian Killers". In the sense that we were killers that were Canadian, not people who killed Canadians. During this time [cK] (Canadian Killers) was made up from 4 rosters; [cK1], [cK2], [cK3], and [cK4]. Each roster leader was a high ranked officer in [cK]. Boss, BigPatt, Mikey and RowleY were the original Leaders of each roster. At one point [cK] merged with another Canadian clan to make a [cK5] roster, but that only lasted a short time.

    A website, made by -RowleY-, was created, the first in the clans history. It was the first mark in making [cK] a more organized killing machine, and it what separated the clan from a most of the others.

    All 4 rosters recruited heavily until eventually amassing an army of nearly some 70 members. All led under the fierce dictatorship of Boss. They fought their way through a lot, and eventually earned a reputation as a fierce fighting force... however, not exactly a good one. [cK] was hated throughout SOCOM, mainly because of General Boss. Boss had the tendency to lead [cK] troops into random American rooms, and cause chaos. Though, not highly trained, the quantity of Boss army was very hard to overcome, which made [cK] a powerhouse on SOCOM. The clan, mainly Boss, was disliked so much that you could be a new recruit playing in a random room then all of a sudden get team killed and voted out just for having a [cK] tag.

    [cK] was very well known through the Canada servers, as a counter-part of SOTG, and the enemy of many American clans. During this time [cK] recruited many of the members that would eventually become Officers in [cKs] later down the road... Some, however, would become enemies. Demon Dude, SlitherX, LoneMerc, Blackxlabel, Ozzy Fudd, Sharaabi, and Frag Me are just to name a few. Those members who didnt like Boss and his style of leadership would either leave or be booted and start small hate clans against the clan. They would eventually be destroyed without question.

    [cK] also experimented with the attempt to put together different squads within the clan. Squads like Assault, Demolition, Support, and Sniper. It never really took off on its first attempt. However, later down the road the same idea was implemented with some success.

    The SOCOM universe was dominated for about a year by the armies of [cK]. In April 2005, Boss and BigPatt decided to go back to the old "Canadian Killing Squad" name that it once was. Boss then trimmed the roster, as he did every so often, and kept [cKs] within a more controlled and organized number.

    It was now that the loyalty of every member was tested and the true soldiers of [cKs] were born. It was because of this and the coming struggles that we base our tough recruitment & training standards on. For we will never forget, and never overlook the dedication and loyalty of the members we accept into our clan.

    After being caught cheating, his great sniping reputation fell in ruins. Sharaabi had no choice but to leave [cKs].

    Sharaabi, a Officer within [cKs] went on to start up his former SOCOM clan, Scent of Blood. The rebirth of [SoB] was not a threat to [cKs] at first, but then Sharaabi started swaying [cKs] members away from the clan, giving them a [SoB] tag, and turning them against [cKs]. Within a week over a dozen members were now enemies, some of them friends.

    With Boss' declaration of war against [SoB], it caused some [cKs] members that were friends of some [SoB] members, to leave [cKs] because they didn't want to get involved and fight against their friends. With Boss, you were either with him, or against him.

    On SOCOM, we took over eachother's room, or atleast tried to when we had the chance. A lot of times they would enter our rooms, team kill us and attempt to vote us out. We did the same to them.

    Off SOCOM both clans took turns hacking eachothers websites. Both clans hated eachother.

    After months of these antics both clans finally settled their differences in the map Crossroads. [cKs] prevailed.

    It was a special moment for the clan that helped bond them together. Sharaabi and slowly disappeared after that.

    After the fall of , things started to look up.

    A [cKs] leader meeting was held, which consisted of the top 7 Officers in the clan. (Boss, BigPatt, SlitherX, EsCoBaR, LoneMerc, Cdn.Eskimo, and CANCADA). In that meeting they came to the conclusion to create an Alliance with clans they were playing with regularly at the time. The Alliance was named the OSC - Organization of SOCOM Clans.

    Boss had great relations with a clan called [187] Kilt Wearing Killers, led by former old time [cKs] LOIS_G aka Bondretti. Boss built them a website and forums, which made our alliance tighter. With [187] popular in the SOCOM community, it would be easy to expand the OSC. [NHL] and [UTK] were the next two clans to enter the OSC, in which we stood strong and united together.

    At this time, the [cKs] roster had been cut down a bit aswell. Must have only had around 30 members now, as the ones that went to [SoB] simply seemed to vanish and most were never seen or heard of again.