• V. Rise Of The Alliance

    Rise Of The Alliance

    June 2005 - August 2005

    After the fall of [SoB], morale was at an all-time high. A very hard feeling to describe. It was kind of like going outside on a crisp autumn day with no noise except for the birds chirping and the odd group of geese heading south, then taking a deep breath of fresh air.. It was a feeling that brought the clan together. Things were finally starting to look good.

    After the war, [cKs] immediately got back into business. A [cKs] leader meeting was held, which consisted of the top 7 or so Officers in the clan. At the time they were: Boss, BigPatt, SlitherX, EsCoBaR, LoneMerc, Cdn.Eskimo, and CANCADA. In that meeting we came to the conclusion to create an Alliance with other clans, in which we called The. ORGANIZATION OF SOCOM CLANS [OSC]. The idea-LoneMerc's, the name-Boss'. This is what we needed, especially being one of the most hated clans throughout SOCOM.

    Boss had great relations with a clan called [187] Kilt Wearing Killers, led by former old time [cKs] LOIS_G aka Bondretti. Boss built them a website and forums, which made our alliance tighter. With [187] knowing a lot of clans, it would be easy to expand the OSC. [NHL] and [UTK] were the next two clans to enter the OSC, in which we stood strong and united together.

    At this time, the [cKs] roster had been cut down a bit aswell. Must have only had around 30 members now, as the ones that went to [SoB] simply seemed to vanish and most were never seen or heard of again.