• VI. Sudden Turbulence

    Sudden Turbulence

    August 2005 - October 2005

    There was one recruit [cKs] had, a member that was climbing the ranks extremely fast, his name was ';'R'A'I'N';' a fine [cKs] member indeed, or so we thought. It turns out he would glitch, team kill and use his rank to make others below him keep their mouth shut while he did such things, when Boss found out about this he gave ';'R'A'I'N';' the boot.

    At this time, a pair of members known as SpeedyMart and RepoMan went to go start their new clan; [SA] Silent Assassins. Now originally no threat what so ever, but then ';'R'A'I'N';' was recruited into [SA] by former [cKs] Maj.General CANCADA. Boss then felt the need to squash them, why? Because its Boss, its who he is, its what he does. Many [cKs] (like LoneMerc) were opposed to this and some left [cKs] (like tommyboysocom2), but once again it seemed we were off to war.

    Now with this, like [SoB], [SA] stole a few [cKs] members (roughly 3-5) and of course a lot left [cKs] because of Boss stupidity. Even though it was starting to shape up like [SoB], it was different... completely different.

    Unlike the [SoB] war, this wasnt our top priority. We focused more on the OSC and expanding it and growing it into the best SOCOM alliance. However, in the [SoB] war the tensions were high, but with [SA] it felt that only a few [cKs] actually considered [SA] an enemy. A lot of [cKs] members actually played in [SA] rooms. The only ones who actually thought of [SA] as an enemy were the members who disliked ;RAIN;, as he was much hated.

    Though we were in and leading the OSC, it was far too fragile, therefore we could not just ask the OSC clans to attack [SA].

    As September neared, BigPatt, second in command was forced to resign his position to pursue the lengths of school. The war fought on; Boss had his mind set on crushing [SA] at its growth, which was operating successfully until something we all thought would never happen did.

    The man who created and led [cKs] for years abandoned the clan, without notice. He deleted his name from our forums, and handed over the first roster leadership to SlitherX. A devastating blow to the moral and structure of [cKs]. In just under a month [cKs] had lost its two highest ranking, and most senior Officers. However, the clan was left in capable hands; EsCoBaR, SlitherX, Canada Eskimo, and LoneMerc rose to keep the clan from mutiny.

    [cKs] and [SA] eventually agreed to a cease-fire, in which both sides realized, without Boss that things didn't have to be this way.

    The OSC had suffered as the only major link between [cKs] and [187] was severed. [cKs] still stood together and got to know each better. With all the efforts at keeping this alliance alive, the OSC continued to be led by [cKs] and continued trying to stabilize it. SOCOM II was looking at its end as SOCOM 3 edged closer. [cKs] had an uncertain fate on the new platform; time could only tell what would happen next.