• 2005/2006 - The Aftermath

    The Aftermath

    August 2005 - August 2006

    As September neared, BigPatt, second in command was forced to resign his position to pursue the lengths of school. Boss, meanwhile had his mind set on crushing [SA], a new common enemy at the time and something to keep the clan busy.

    It was then out of nowhere that the man who created and led [cKs] for years abandoned the clan, without notice. He deleted his name from our forums, and handed over the first roster leadership to SlitherX. A devastating blow to the moral and structure of [cKs]. In just under a month [cKs] had lost its two highest ranking, and most senior Officers. However, the clan was left in capable hands; EsCoBaR, SlitherX, Canada Eskimo, and LoneMerc rose to keep the clan from mutiny.

    [cKs] and [SA] eventually agreed to a cease-fire, in which both sides realized, without Boss that things didn't have to be this way.

    The OSC had suffered as the only major link between [cKs] and [187] was severed. [cKs] still stood together and got to know each better. With all the efforts at keeping this alliance alive, the OSC continued to be led by [cKs] and continued trying to stabilize it. SOCOM II was looking at its end as SOCOM 3 edged closer. [cKs] had an uncertain fate on the new platform; time could only tell what would happen next.

    With the disappearance of Boss, many wondered if there was a future for [cKs]. However, his disappearance lit a fire in many of the clans members to keep the Canadian Killing Squad alive. There was no longer the image of one man and one clan; [cKs] had become more than just the name, or the person in charge. [cKs] was apart of its members and it was never going to die.

    Some may argue that Boss leaving set the clan free, for after he left, [cKs] transformed from an autocratic rule to one of choice, freedom, and democracy. No more would Boss dictate the clan and its members. Those who stood by in the wake of what happened bared witness to one of the most significant and influential occurrences that ever hit the clan; they were apart of the Aftermath.

    With everything the way it was, BigPatt could not stand by and watch; he made the decision to return to duty in the clan. Everything still remained upside down, the clans structure held little meaning as there was no one to fill Boss' shoe. The clan had been led by a dictator for so many years it did not know of another way. A core group of members were assembled and began to build the clan back up from the ashes leaving nothing unattended. The structure of the clan became more like a republic than a dictatorship with BigPatt, SlitherX, EsCoBaR, CanadaEskimo and LoneMerc sitting in the Officer positions. This was only temporary as to get the clan back on its feet. Eventually the structure solidified itself and BigPatt became the official leader, the first person to lead the Canadian Killing Squad other than Boss.

    SOCOM 3 made its debut shortly after the turmoil started to settle and [cKs] saw a new beginning. The OSC started to band together as a unanimous force, competing together on the same battlefield.

    The OSC grew strong with the clans the [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad, [187] Kilt Wearing Killers, and [JTF2] Joint Task Force 2. However, the stability of [187] came under question when the former leader, Lois_G, returned and reclaimed her former rank as the head of [187]. A sanction of the clan, Darcy and Buddy_DarDar, broke off to form their own clan and joined the OSC under [atX] Attack Team X. Originally comprised of just themselves they quickly gathered momentum with the help of the OSC. Standing at four clans strong, with a solid organizational structure and mutual understanding throughout, the OSC moved to a competitive gaming league called Game Battles.

    At this time the OSC had turned into an equal party system with no one leader. Each clan represented itself equally in the OSC no matter their roster size or contribution. With its high success competitively, and organizationally, struggle for leadership and recognition started to form. There were some who wanted the OSC to remain the way it was structurally, then others who wanted a firmer hold on its direction and leadership. The OSC Council which consisted of the leader and an appointed representative from each clan was in debate over how it should be handled so all parties could remain happy.

    The complexity of the OSC had grown too far for any one man or clan to handle. Trying to lead and dictate what the other clans protocol would be could turn disastrous. Each clan, [cKs], [187], [JTF2], and [atX] all had mutual agreement to co-exist with one another and who to follow when on the battlefield. However, if one clan or one person were to govern the entire OSC it would gradually turn into one massive clan with little distinction.

    The debate grew within the OSC Council; all that was agreed upon was that something must be done. At this point the failure of the Organization was imminent. A rift separated the opposing parties and no solution could equal satisfaction for everyone. It was decided that a leader must be appointed; to the dismay of many it was the only way. The only way to decide who would become the leader of the OSC was to hold a vote. Each clan had one vote, making it a deadlock tie, 2 for KNIGHT of [JTF2], and 2 for BigPatt of [cKs]. A neutral tiebreaking voter was brought in; Someone who could be trusted to make an honest, unbiased vote. The vote came down to SasH, currently enlisted in [JTF2], but close friends with the other clans in the OSC. The vote came out in favor of BigPatt to represent the OSC as its leader. No party was satisfied however, collusion was evident and KNIGHT immediately removed his clan from the OSC in dismay of the result. [cKs] saw no solution and instead of continuing with what was left, the OSC was disbanded, left to nothing more than a memory of its success.

    With the OSC being disbanded, [cKs] had to reconfigure itself back to its pre-OSC form. Many members wanted that [cKs] back, and were sick of what the OSC did to the clan.

    With the fall of the OSC, came the fall of [187]. Many were allowed to join [cKs], such as Lois G who was a [cKs] member back in the early SOCOM II days and SasH, who had left [JTF2]. After [187] dissolved itself the 2 remaining OSC survivors were [cKs] and [JTF-2]. [cKs] knew that it was going to have to fly solo in order to find where we it was before the OSC. [JTF-2] also continued on with a very small faction of die hards still gracing the SOCOM battlefields with their presence to this very day, but not at the strength they once were within the OSC. Even though [cKs] attained a few new members the core still existed and was determined to look forward and not back.

    As you can imagine a young man going through post secondary education and leading a successful SOCOM clan can be hard on ones stress level. Just when things were headed in the right direction a small group of lower ranked members started to fuss about nothing at all and were causing problems to entertain themselves. With these series of events beginning to unfold BigPatt stepped down as leader to focus on his post secondary studies and work commitments through the summer; he still remained a memeber of the clan. With BigPatt stepping down it left [cKs] under the leadership of SlitherX, Easy_cp., and Dark_Maven.

    As the quarrels and immaturity levels started to rise in a small rebellious group of privates, our then acting leader SlitherX was having a hard time associating his name to these fools. The level of abuse got so bad that Slither asked to take a temporary leave so that he could test the waters in our brother clan, [JTF-2]. In one month [cKs] had seen leadership change 3 times. Easy_cp. was now the new General and was assisted by Lieutenant General Dark_Maven. For the next month or so Easy_cp. and Dark_Maven did the best they could to keep this clan together with what looked to be a total [cKs] collapse. The afore mentioned misfit group had smelled a sign of weakness in the leadership ranks of [cKs] due to the constant change. This in-turn provoked the threat of anarchy and that this small group would start their own new "[cKs]". Some of the clans most loyal members were acting as moles for our new struggling officer core. They would bring info to Easy_cp. on who was slandering the clan and who was leading the movement for anarchy. Some of the rogue members were polling other loyal members on whether or not they would follow to the new clan.

    Things really started to heat up and the two newest leaders of [cKs] weren't sure how to quell the uprising. Until one day Easy_cp. was able to get [cKs]'s ex-General into a meeting room on msn. Along with Easy_cp. and BigPatt was Cdn.Eskimo, who was returning to [cKs] for his second time. In this meeting was the birth of the new Executive Council and an all new [cKs]. These 3 members talked about every aspect of running this clan and bringing it back to its feet. They changed the rank structure, they gave even leading powers to all 4 executive positions so rather then have just one head honcho their were 4 that could . A forum was created where all decisions would be discussed and decided upon after much deliberation on the subjects at hand. Basically the new Executive Council was bringing a form of democracy back to [cKs] that was a dictatorship for so long. They were able to reach SlitherX, who was with [JTF-2] and obviously missing his brothers in [cKs]. After a long meeting with SlitherX he decided to return home where he always belonged. But all in all the single most important decision the Council made was to re-instate BigPatt as the leader of the new Canadian Killing Squad! So now with an all-star Council consisting of the new ADMIRAL BigPatt, Vice Admiral Easy_cp., Rear Admiral Dark_Maven, and Colonel SlitherX [cKs] was back on track. Within weeks the members that were known to have been involved with the uprisings and inner-clan quarrels were quickly and severely dealt with. Now that the Council was voting on everything the clan did and using 5th in command Buddy_DarDar as the deciding vote, [cKs] had once again transformed into a steam train running at full speed. You could almost see [cKs] picking it's battered self off the ground.