• VIII. OSC Destruction

    OSC Destruction

    October 2005 - February 2006

    SOCOM 3 made its debut shortly after the turmoil started to settle and [cKs] saw a new beginning. The OSC started to band together as a unanimous force, competing together on the same battlefield.

    The OSC grew strong with the clans the [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad, [187] Kilt Wearing Killers, and [JTF2] Joint Task Force 2. However, the stability of [187] came under question when the former leader, Lois_G, returned and reclaimed her former rank as the head of [187]. A sanction of the clan, Darcy and Buddy_DarDar, broke off to form their own clan and joined the OSC under [atX] Attack Team X. Originally comprised of just themselves they quickly gathered momentum with the help of the OSC. Standing at four clans strong, with a solid organizational structure and mutual understanding throughout, the OSC moved to a competitive gaming league called Game Battles.

    At this time the OSC had turned into an equal party system with no one leader. Each clan represented itself equally in the OSC no matter their roster size or contribution. With its high success competitively, and organizationally, struggle for leadership and recognition started to form. There were some who wanted the OSC to remain the way it was structurally, then others who wanted a firmer hold on its direction and leadership. The OSC Council which consisted of the leader and an appointed representative from each clan was in debate over how it should be handled so all parties could remain happy.

    The complexity of the OSC had grown too far for any one man or clan to handle. Trying to lead and dictate what the other clans protocol would be could turn disastrous. Each clan, [cKs], [187], [JTF2], and [atX] all had mutual agreement to co-exist with one another and who to follow when on the battlefield. However, if one clan or one person were to govern the entire OSC it would gradually turn into one massive clan with little distinction.

    The debate grew within the OSC Council; all that was agreed upon was that something must be done. At this point the failure of the Organization was imminent. A rift separated the opposing parties and no solution could equal satisfaction for everyone. It was decided that a leader must be appointed; to the dismay of many it was the only way. The only way to decide who would become the leader of the OSC was to hold a vote. Each clan had one vote, making it a deadlock tie, 2 for KNIGHT of [JTF2], and 2 for BigPatt of [cKs]. A neutral tiebreaking voter was brought in; Someone who could be trusted to make an honest, unbiased vote. The vote came down to SasH, currently enlisted in [JTF2], but close friends with the other clans in the OSC. The vote came out in favor of BigPatt to represent the OSC as its leader. No party was satisfied however, collusion was evident and KNIGHT immediately removed his clan from the OSC in dismay of the result. [cKs] saw no solution and instead of continuing with what was left, the OSC was disbanded, left to nothing more than a memory of its success.