• 2006/2008 - The Return To Glory

    August 2006 - June 2008

    "The Canadian Killing Squad is a name that has been synonymous with the game SOCOM for nearly half a decade. The clan has been through a tremendous amount; basked in its highs, and sorrowed in its lows. Many have come to call [cKs] their home, many others have been lost in the epic struggles [cKs] has endured. There lies not one member from the original founders of this great clan. All have perished and fallen with time. [cKs] is more than just a person, or a group of people. There is no one person holding the clan together; [cKs] will always continue to exist no matter who calls it their home"

    The Canadian Killing Squad was born once again. Back under the leadership of BigPatt and some of Canada's Finest, [cKs] was determined to reach new heights through the summer of 2006.

    For many of the months to come [cKs] gave rebirth to its former self; organized, fun, and tactical. New life was seen and felt in the ranks. Summer, a normally slow time for [cKs] saw the largest amount of wars in one month to date, August, with 31 wars completed averaging a war per day. 21 of those wars were victories making the months war record 68%. It was this momentum that inspired a creative revolution within the clan. New ideas, systems, programs, and inventive solutions were created.

    It was over the next year that staple departments in the clan were created such as the Recruitment Unit. An otherwise mindless task, the finding and attraction of new talent was now the responsibility of a select few members. [cKs] was becoming more concerned with who was awarded the privilege of wearing our bestowed tags. Testing and critiquing of recruits was instituted to ensure that clan hoppers were kept out and only the best succeeded to enter the clan. This system continued to evolve with each new member of RU and each passing prospect.

    More units were created under the same successful model. The Statistics Department was formed to keep track and update the large amount of statistics that continued to poor in. Under the SD all war statistics including decorations and personnel records were kept.

    With unified direction and goals [cKs] was set on victory on and off the field. Organization was on the top of the priority list and to get more out of the clan an exclusive membership program was created. This program made available the option for members to financially support the clan and in return, receive more from it. Certain perks and incentives were given to members enrolled in the membership program. Among these incentives were clan merchandise, priority selection in wars, free entry into clan tournaments, and of course personalized dog tags which was a large financial contribution from Blackxdragon. The [cKs] Store! was also created to provide official clan merchandise to the masses.

    Clan tournaments were created to bring a friendly, healthy, and competitive atmosphere in between members. It was a chance for members to showcase their skills to the rest of the clan. The Annual [cKs] Doubles Tournament was the first of these. It partnered two [cKs] members together and faced them off against other fire-teams in the clan. The winners of the First Annual [cKs] Doubles Tournament were Sabesta and Butters. Sabes later went on to win the inaugural [cKs] Singles Tournament. The '07 runner up SlitherX found victory the following year to be crowned the top soldier of [cKs] in '08.

    The Quad's tournament was next in line. After the tournament's large success and the operators proven ability, KID-EVIL was appointed a position within the Tournament Council. Even with a great level of competition within the clan interest was wearing thin and the desire to compete among the masses as a clan was becoming the cry of the people.

    [cKs] had always continued to battle in the open arena and even competed in ongoing leagues like GameBattles. This was simply not enough, [cKs] was a caged dog, a smart, well trained, and under estimated caged dog waiting to taste blood. Blood it should soon taste, the blood of the clans in the Best Damn SOCOM League.

    The Canadian Killing Squad was ready to prove to the SOCOM community how unparalleled their skill had become over many years of relentless training and meticulous recruiting. Finally, [cKs] was going to be unleashed put to the test against some of SOCOM's top clans. No time was wasted and nothing was overlooked in the weeks leading up to the inaugural tournament. Strategy was set out months in advance and the BDSL was placed as the clan's top priority. From the first battle on March 9, 2008 against [*IP] Insane Possy and all through March, April and May right to the final battle against rival clan [oNe] oNe.oF.a.kiNd on May 20, 2008 [cKs] did not let up on the competition and walked away undefeated as the Best Damn SOCOM League Champions. As the cKs Times reported after the battle, "after a long, strenuous season [cKs] has defied all odds by coming into the BDSL as unknown underdogs and finishing as undefeated champions." Great job boys ([cKs])! cried out General BigPatt, at the end of the last round. [cKs] are 2008 champions of BDSL! proclaimed Lt. General SlitherX. There was much jubilation after the last Mercenary was eliminated. It was a moment to be remembered by all of [cKs]; for the 16 men on the field, and for the rest of the clan anxiously watching and supporting.