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Log book entry........Dec 10

This will be my final entry for this campain I was not going to write this chapter
however its been many days since the battlion returned home from the campain we called Endurance.

As we arrived back home shined up and in full dress the new medals polished and standing proud, home Victorious Champions the band played the standard welcome songs the crowd on hand was mostly family and freinds and of coruse the high ranking military officials. As we stood there on the parade square i couldnt help but drift off listening to all the people who talked like they were apart of the campain,maybe the were but they didnt spent the last 6 months in hell.

I recall some great moments like when we attacked RVN Oct 21 we suprised them early that morning our recon team ran a fire mission south of there camp while we assulted the west flank result total destrucion great play from Solidus75,Deathawaits,Sure2kill they hand managed to hold RVN counter attack so our Combat General SlitherX,Gearboys, R2D2__,WhittyMan pushed an assult so aggresive it sent a message that cKs is coming to kick ass and take names.

Even with all the great times there were many sleepless night and days we lost alot of strong soilders that were killed in action the visions of seeing your fellow soliders killed before your eyes takes its toll on all of us we all seem to handel it in different ways some would just be angry at the world,or at leaders who gave the orders, others you could hear crying a tear in their fox hole late a night, we all new at anytime that could be one or us lying cold on the ground.

When the final order came to capture and secure the territory intel on it was that Soulessknights had the base camp in the Northern city Rudleck we had been patroling every squre inch of this f*%$ing place finally we can close this campain and go home.I cant desclose the battle information it has been deemed classified by command but i can tell you that is was tuff fight all the way to the finish honors go to :
Com Gen. SlitherX
LT. Bloodbath09
F.Sgt. LoneMerc
Sgt. Spikeknott
MCorp. Gearboys
Corp. R2D2__
Corp. Lil_Glock_9MM
Pvt. WhittyMan

However these are just a few of the many soliders it took to make it to the Championship cKs fights as a team win or lose so we did it together everyone should be very proud, and with that great joy also great sadness the cost of this campain will always remind us that time is short value eachther and the moments spent fighting epic battels losing close ones nights arround the camp talking trash all night,laughing and joking arround like the world is in our controll. the fact is we cant control things and times does move us onward to our destiny so its with this I say goodbye to Combat General SlitherX my leader,friend,brother,a Champion, long live the memmories of your time here at cKs.

A cheer rushes over the crowd on the parade square wow i must of missed the the whole thing good its mostly B.S about things that dont matter. Looking at the faces of the men we all have the same thoughts a future that is un written maybe more will retire and move on many will get promoted and train the next up and coming soliders, the battle will continue there will always be another war to win another Championship to have.

Sgt Major.Spikeknott
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    Excellent post spike!